As the bone-chilling bite of winter begins to fade, the coming of spring brings fresh writing opportunities, AuthorCon II, and a new Zebra cover autopsy!
It's Valentine's Day! Give your sweetheart your heart and maybe she'll give you hers in return. If she does, be sure to keep it in formaldehyde in an…
The icy chill of January cuts through flesh and clothing, clear down to the bone. It's a good time to hibernate, read a scary book, and perhaps spin a…
Out with 2022 and in with '23... time for more Southern Fried shenanigans for a brand-new year!
Jingle Bells... werewolves smell... zombies rot away! The holiday season is nearly upon us! Ho Ho Horror!
Multiple cover reveals, Dead-Eye and Job ride again, a book-signing trip to the Windy City, and what in tarnation is going on over at Twitter?
Feel that chill in the air? The leaves are falling, and the pumpkins are glowing. It's almost Halloween!
A brief breather following the release of Southern Fried & Horrified and a plethora of promotion on its heels. Then, come November, the real work…
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